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How to Search a Lookup Field by List of Values

Searching a lookup field by a list of values is available in the coming release of R2023c. A lookup field takes a value from another table. For instance, the item field in site inventory is a lookup field to the item code table. This feature allows one to display a list of site inventory by a list of item codes (for instance, in an excel file). The screenshots below shows the feature for Site Inventory.
  • Go to Site Inventory (Inventory | Site Inventories)
  • Launch Advanced Search and create a new search
  • Select "IN..." as the operator for the "Item" field
  • Copy the item codes from an excel file and paste into the value list field.
  • Set a name (Set-A in the example below) to save the search.
  • Apply and Save the search to filter the site inventory list.
  • The inventory list shows the items matched the codes in the list.

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