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How to Run Purchase Summary Reports

​Purchase summary reports have been added to Calem Enterprise R2019 including purchase orders and invoices. Purchase managers can get insights of their operations from these reports along with vendor performance report.

1. PO List Report

PO List report shows purchase orders or vendor summary for a given period of time. The menu path: Purchase module | Report | PO List Report.

 The summary report shows the vendors you are buying from.

​If "Vendor Summary" is unchecked, the PO list report shows the purchase orders for a given time period. You may search in the PO list to locate POs of interest.

 2. PO Invoices

The PO Invoices report shows the POs and their invoices for a given period of time. The menu path is: Purchase module | Report | PO Invoices.

The summary report shows the total invoices and balances by POs.

If "Invoice Summary" is unchecked, the report shows the invoices for a given time period. 

 3. Vendor Performance

The vendor performance report shows how effective vendors are delivering goods. See this blog for more info.

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