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Multiple MAC Addresses for Assets

Multiple MAC addresses are available for an asset in the coming release of Calem R2023a. It allows a user to find an asset by its mac addresses.

  • Menu path: Asset | Report | MAC addresses

 MAC addresses can be managed from Asset form:

  • Menu path: Asset | Asset List | Asset | Contract Tab | MAC Address list
  •  MAC address info is shown in the IT Info section.
    • One can configure "# of MAC" to specify the number of MAC addresses for an asset. It is not enforced by Calem.
    • The real MAC count "MAC Count" is maintained by Calem.
    • The "MAC address" field is one of the MAC addresses. It's maintained by Calem.
    • The IT Info section is shown when a MAC address or IP is defined.

MAC addresses can be uploaded to Calem through Excel file:

  • Menu path: Integration | Data Upload
  • The Excel template is included here.
File Name: cm_asset_mac.MAC-Address
File Size: 24 kb
Download File
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