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Project Cost Tracking

 Project cost tracking is available in Calem R21f. The cost is aggregated from work order and requisition with project code set. Cross-Site projects are also allowed for costing purpose.

1. Project Form

  • A new tab "REQ" is added to the tab list of the project form (1).
  • The cost fields for work order and requisition (2) are added to the main page.
  • Project costs are updated in the background early in the morning every day.
  • A refresh button (3) is available for real time cos refresh.
  • A work order can be created from Project screen. Alternatively, you may set the project code in a work order.
  • The same goes for the requisition.

​2. Cross-Site Projects

One may create a project to be referenced by all sites.

  • Set the project scope to "System" for a project code to be used by all sites.
  • Leave the scope field empty or "Site" for site only access.
  • Set the scope to "Company" to allow access to all sites of the same company.
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