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Source Asset Display in Asset Clone

​Calem Release R21f allows information of the source asset to be shown in the asset clone screen.

  • Asset clone is launched from Asset form.
  • Asset tag is displayed in the caption (1) of the clone screen.
  • Addition information of the source asset is displayed in Asset Info field (2).

​Additional fields of the source asset can be displayed in the "Asset Info" field through a custom configuration in client/conf/CmConf.custom.js.

  • The configuration is using a template.
  • A field label is presented in the template as "[field_name]"
  • A field value is presented in the template as "{field_name}"
  • The template is execute at runtime to replace the field values and labels with the source asset.
CmConf['asset_conf']['asset_clone_tpl'] = 
'[note]: {note}, [serial_no]: {serial_no}'; 
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