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To Get Notified when a User is Added by SR Email

​Calem can be enabled to create a service request from an incoming email of authorized domains. A user is created when the incoming email does not exist in Calem. A monitor user can be configured to get notified when a new user is created in this case.

  • Menu path: Organization | ACL Profiles | Monitor User
  • Have the flag "SR New User" checked to receive notification
  • Have "No Email?" checked if no other notification is needed.

This notification is important when there are multiple sites for an organization. The new user is created for a site by the email address match. More than one site might match the user's email.

  • Once the notification email is received, a monitor user may evaluate if the site is assigned correctly.
  • If not, the site may be changed from Organization | ACL Profiles | User List.
  • The new SR may be re-assigned to the proper site for processing.
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