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Report Print/Export not Working

​I have seen support cases of Calem Enterprise reports not working at all. The root cause is often the browser's popup blocker that prevents a new browser tab to print or export Calem Enterprise reports. Here is an example when exporting "Open WO" reports from Chrome:

  • ​Go to open work order reports: Work Order module | Reports | Open WO
  • "Open WO" report displays.
  • Click the menu to export to Microsoft Excel, nothing happens
  • Click the menu to print, nothing happens
The Chrome's address bar shows the popup blocker prompt:

​I need to tun off the popup blocker for my Calem service:

  • ​Click the popup blocker icon
  • Select "Always allow popups from" (replace "" with your Calem service address like "").
  • Click "Done" 

Both "Print" and "Export" menu from Open WO report work as I expected after turning off the popup blocker.

To learn more about the work order module, take self-guided training of Calem Enterprise:

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