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Simplifying Inventory Transfer and Disposal

Inventory transfer and disposal are simplified in the coming release of R2024a. See this blog for the original processes for transfer and disposal.

  • A part can be transferred to another site by checkout. A transient storeroom is no longer required.
  • A part can be disposed by checkout. A disposable storeroom is no longer required.

 1. Process Settings

Simplified transfer and disposal are configured out of the box. It is possible to require interim storerooms for these processes through configuration changes. Contact your Calem Team or review Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.

 2. Transfer and Disposal Reporting

The transactions of transfer and disposal are included in the transaction reports as checkout transactions. 

  • Inventory | Trans. Report | Transactions/Valuation
  • Inventory | Trans. Report | Item Issues
  • Inventory | Trans. Report | Net Issues
  • Search row may be used to query these transactions - see the first screenshot below. 
    • Select "Tran. Type" to "Checkout to" if available.
    • Select "Checkout to" to "Transfer" and/or "Dispose".
  • The options of "Checkout to" is shown in the second screenshot below.
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