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A Note of Time Zones in Calem

Time zones are used in Calem for both client display and server processes. For instance, local time zones may be used in datetime field display in work order timeline view.

1. Local Time Zones

When a user logs into Calem the local time zone of the user is used in datetime display unless site-based time zone is configured (discussed later). For instance, the datatime info of work order timeline view in the screen above follows this rule.

 2. System Time Zone

A system time zone is configured for a Calem service. It is used by background server processes. For instance, Analysis Module uses the system time zone to calculate daily and monthly KPIs in the background. The system time zone is set in the server configuration file (calem.custom.php). The default is US Central Time.

//System time zone

3. Site Time Zone

If an organization has more than one time zone, one may set time zone for each site. This allows work order times to show by the time zones of their sites for precise time tracking such as scheduling.

  • Menu path: Organization | EAM Company | Site tab | Edit each site to populate a time zone.

 4. Dashboard vs Analysis KPIs

The KPIs from WO Dashboard might be slightly different from WO Analysis when time zones are not configured properly.

  • WO Dashboard is calculated based on the local time zone of the login user.
  • WO Analysis is calculated in the background processes in the server based on system and site time zone configuration.

Here are the steps to set up time zones properly so that the WO dashboard KPIs are the same as WO analysis.

  • If an organization is of a single time zone, set the system time zone to the single time zone.
  • If an organization has multiple time zones, set a time zone for each site along with a system time zone.
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