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Tips for Text Message Notification in Calem

Calem workflow email notifications can be altered in mobile devices including 1) By an email clients on your device - an email client can be configured to raise an alert when a new email arrives;  or 2) As a text messages or SMS (short message service of about 160 characters). Text message notification is implemented as mobile operator emails when available. 

When setting up the email of a user or a team, "Email SMS" may be configured per mobile email operators to deliver SMS via email. A short version of the workflow email notifications will be generated by Calem for delivery to SMS emails.

Here is a list of some known US operators who provide SMS service via email ( 

Operator ​SMS Email
AT & T (US) ​ [10-digit phone number]
​Verizon (US)​ [10-digit phone number]
​T-Mobile (US)​[10-digit phone number]

Some email addresses for international operators are listed in here here. For instance, SFR France is <10-digit-number>, and China Mobile is <11-digit-number>

Text SMS notifications are enabled for the following events by default:

  • Turn on/off SMS notification by adding "EVENT_sms" as true/false (see examples in the table below), where "EVENT" is an event in workflow (such as "new" or "email_new").
  • SMS notification can be turned off for a user at user screen (Org module | EAM company | Employee | Select a user to edit) by checking "No SMS" flag.
Event Configuration (server/conf/calem.custom.php)
​ WO New ​ $_CALEM_dist['wf_conf']['workorder']['events']['new_sms']=true; 
​WO Assignment $_CALEM_dist['wf_conf']['workorder']['events']['assignment_sms']=true; ​
​Service Request New​ $_CALEM_dist['wf_conf']['sr']['events']['new_sms']=true; $_CALEM_dist['wf_conf']['sr']['events']['email_new_sms']=true;
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