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Changes in the Top Area of the Calem Web

The top area of the Calem web will be changed in the coming release of R21e (planned for Sept. 2021). The two screenshots below demonstrate the changes.

  • The first screenshot has one row of toolbar (area 1). A dropdown menu (area 2) shows the additional info and menu items.
  • The second screenshot shows two rows in the top area (1 and 2).
  • The changes make more space available vertically.

Backward Compatibility

For customers who prefer to keep the two rows in the top area settings are available at various levels for flexibility.

      • Enable at user record by checkbox "Two Row (Top)". If not enabled, use the profile configuration.
      • Enable at ACL profile by checkbox "Two Row (Top)". If not enabled, use the system configuration.
      • The system default is not enabled by default. One can enable sysem wide default at server/conf/calem.custom.php.
//Page top area: 0 - one row; 1 - two rows
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