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What is the Work Order Home Screen

A new Work Order Home screen is introduced in R21e (planned for Sept. 2021). It is a central screen to launch into work order functions. Its goal is to boost the productivity when working with work orders in Calem.

 1. Work Order Navigation

This the menu area to launch work order functions.

  • The menu bar is the same as the top horizontal module menu.
  • The menu bar is customizable by module menu customization (Admin | Group | Group Design | Module Design).

2. P1 WO Gauge

The gauge is a percentage: the number of P1 work orders on critical assets over the number of critical assets.

  • For instance, there are a total of 100 critical assets, and there are 10 P1 work orders for those assets. The percentage is 10%.
  • Critical assets are assets of P1 priority or criticality of C1
  • The max value is 10% in the gauge.
  • The gauge may be configured - See Admin Guide for more info.

3. WO Open by Priority

This is a bar chart showing the priorities of open work orders. You may dive into detailed analysis of priorities by Pivot at Open WO list.

4. WO Completion Rate

This chart shows the throughput of your work: the inbound work orders and the pace of their completion for the last 7 days, 14 days and 30 days.

Completion rates are defined as percentages of the completed work orders approved or released or completed in a time range, vs the total number of work orders approved or released or completed.

  • Work order counted by time fields: 'last_approved', 'last_released', 'last_completed', 'last_accepted', 'last_rejected'
  • Work order completed by time fields: 'last_completed', 'last_accepted'
  • The time fields may be configured per your business needs. See Admin Guide for more info.

5. Work Order Queue and Diagram

The other tabs of the work order home screen includes the various queues and diagram. You may jump to a queue or the diagram by the click of its tab.

  • New WO – work orders not approved
  • Open WO – Open work orders (not completed)
  • Completed – Completed (not Accepted)
  • Team Open – Open work orders of my team
  • Team Completed – Completed work orders of my team (Not accepted)
  • Status Chart – Open WO status chart is a tree diagram of status and assignment of open WOs.
  • All WO – all work orders
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