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How to Reuse Steps in PM Plans

PM plans may be shared in general. For instance, a PM plan is used across an organization for the same assets. However, there are cases that this is not possible. Calem provides an option to reuse steps in PM Plans. Reuse is better than duplicate steps in most cases since duplicates require extra overhead in change management, and leave room for errors. 

1. Reuse Steps

Here is a case for reusing steps:
  • The steps of a PM Plan reference docs (see this blog for embedding docs in steps). If the steps are the same, but the docs referenced are different per site, the steps can be reused. For instance, the docs may be floorplans which are different per sites. 
  • The screenshot below shows the implementation of the reuse of Steps:
    • Create a new PM Plan
    • Set the "Parent Plan" to be the PM plan for reuse
    • Set "Link Steps" checked.
    • In the new PM Plan created, add documents in the same order as in the "Parent Plan".
    • The steps will be left empty in the new PM Plan.
    • The changes of steps in the "Parent Plan" will be applied to the new PM Plan at work order generation.
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