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How to Use Business Lines in Calem

Business lines have been extended in release R2023a at the end of March 2023. This blog discusses steps to set up business lines. Enhancements have been planned in the coming releases for reports and work order scheduling. Business lines can be used to group work orders, assets and locations. For instance, assets can be grouped by production lines for work order scheduling.

 1. Business Lines

Business lines are managed in the Organization module.

  • The company code of a business line can be left empty for organizations using Calem internally.
  • It may be populated in a business line for multi-orgs where each org may have own business lines.

 2. Asset and Location

The business lines can be populated in assets and locations. 

  • The business lines can be populated in asset or location forms.
  • They can also be uploaded through excel files.

 3. Work Orders

Business lines of assets and locations are carried over to work orders.

  • When a work order is created for an asset, Calem will use the business line of the asset to populate the work order.
  • If the business line of the asset is empty, the business line of the asset's location is used.
  • One can also edit a work order to modify its business line.

4. Reports and Scheduling

Future releases will add more features around the business lines including reports and work order scheduling. Stay tuned for the next release planned for Q2 2023.

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