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When to Use WO Summary KPI by Categories

​Work Order Summary KPI provides a monthly view of work orders and completion rates. See this blog for more information. In the coming release of R2019c work order categories can be used to filter the KPI for the following use case:

  • Maintenance department is interested in the performance of maintenance work orders. There might be work orders that are not related to the maintenance department such as material transportation, packaging changes, etc. This can be achieved by filtering the KPI by categories so that work orders of maintenance categories are calculated and presented.

 1. WO Category Set

The first step is to define a category set for maintenance work orders. 

  • Menu path: Admin module | Data Design | WO Category Sets
  • Use "+" menu to create a new category set
  • Use "+" in the "Categories" list to add categories that are maintenance work orders.

2. Filtering WO KPI by Category Sets

The "Maintenance" Category set defined above can be used to to show the summary KPI of maintenance work orders.

  • Use "Categories" menu of the WO Summary KPI list to pick a category set
  • Select "Maintenance" to filter the Summary KPI to show the KPI of only maintenance work orders.
  • Select "Reset" in the category lookup form to clear the filtering so that the summary KPI is shown for all WO categories.
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