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How to Require/Mandate Fields for Work Orders by Status/Category

This feature allows one to set up required fields in work orders by Status and Category. Calem will check work orders and block status transition if required fields are not filled.  Some sample business cases to apply the feature:

  • When a work order is released to technicians the work order must be assigned.
  • When a work order is completed solution note must be filled out if it's corrective work order.

1. Required by Configuration
A field can be made required by configuration in Calem. If you just need a field to be a required field, this option is sufficient. You may contact your Calem Support Team to enable a field as required if access to your service's backend is not available to you.
  • Edit CmConf.custom.js (at client/conf) and set a field's attribute of "required" to true.
  • For instance, the configuration to make the "Cost center" field required is shown below.
  • The table and field names are needed to make the configuration change. Use the following steps to find the table and field names for the fields you need to configure.
    • For the work order example, go to work order and the screen to create a work order (screenshot below).
    • Click the customize button of the work order creation screen to show its design form (screenshot below).
    • The table name in shown in the left panel (cm_wo).
    • The field name is shown in the screen (cc_id).

//Cost center is required

2. Required by Status and Category

This is an advanced feature available for work orders. It allows one to configure required fields based on the lifecycle of work orders. For instance, a corrective work order must have failure code configured at creation time (i.e., status new).

  • Menu path: Admin | Data design | WO Status Required
  • Create a new requirement of fields.
  • Select a status or statuses for the requirement
  • Select a category or categories for the requirement
  • Select a field or fields to be required.
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