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Part II - Work Order Status Control

This is the second installment of work order status control. We have reviewed the work order status control based on access control configuration in Part I ( In this second part we will discuss work order status control based on work conducted by users scheduled to the work order. Here is the use case:

  • ​Some users are assigned to a work order to perform specific activities. The work order cannot be completed until all the users assigned to the work order have reported time in the work order.
This feature can be useful for supervisors to ensure that a work order is properly performed. Administrators can configure work order statuses that should verify the work performed. See "9.68 Work Order Status by Labor​" of Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.

Here is a screenshot to view scheduled and actual labor from "Labor" tab of the Work Order DataView. 

The scheduled and actual labor are shown in the "Planning" and "Execution" tabs respectively in the TaskView.

Part III: Work Order Status Control
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