Service Request without Login

The service request module in Calem allows an organization to capture issues from internal and external customers. There are a few options to report service requests.  ​ Service requests by users logged into Calem. Login users can report service requests from web or mobile applications. Service requests by users without logging into Calem. Thi...
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Asset Bills of Material

​Bills of Material (BOM) are parts or assemblies of assets. They can be tracked in Calem Enterprise as inventory items. The first step is to define an asset group for the assets for BOM tracking. Next, define parts for the asset group in "Part" tab of the asset group screen.  ​Multi-level BOM can be tracked by defining BOM for e...
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Add Search Box to a Detail List

​A detail list is a list view in a master-detail form. For example, the requisition form has a detail list of items to be purchased. There are cases a detail list may have hundreds of records. Fortunately, you can add a search box to any detail list in Calem when needs arise.  I will use the requisition form as an example to demonstr...
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Work Order Invoicing by Steps

​Work order invoices allow maintenance organizations to bill customers. By default the invoice cost lines are reported by work orders. There are businesses that need to show cost lines by work order steps. Calem Enterprise provides a configuration for such businesses to turn on step-based cost lines. ​Contact Calem support to enable this ...
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Module Bar Minimization

A quick background about Calem module bar: ​ The module bar in the AjaxWeb shows the modules available for the login users. One can click a module button in the module bar to jump to a module with module menu bar showing at the top of the Calem desktop screen. See the screenshot below. Minimizing module bar makes more space available for ...
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Customization of PO Print

PO print uses templates by default for HTML and PDF output. You may customize the prints through a combination of Calem designer and templates. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Calem Designer Use Calem Designer to customize PO headers.  ​Menu path: Purchase module | All POs | Check a PO and use "Customize" menu to customize PO print headers Templates PO lines and PO...
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Configuration for Large Data Set

Calem Enterprise is engineered for performance at its core. The AjaxWeb client uses browsers to cache certain data sets for instant user interaction. For example, assets are pre-loaded and cached in the browsers.  This approach works well for data sets that are small to intermediate where record counts are from hundreds to ...
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Part Auto-Numbering

​Calem Enterprise provides inventory part auto-numbering. There are two types of auto-numbering: ​Global auto-numbering: all parts in Calem are numbered with the same sequence number. Category-based auto-numbering: parts in Calem are numbered based on their categories.  In this blog we will focus on the global auto-numberin...
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Asset/Location in Map

In the coming release of Calem Enterprise R10o an asset or location can be viewed in Google map based on its latitude and longitude. Here is a sample screenshot of the map view with the marker showing the position of an asset or location. The map view can be launched from asset or location screen. Calem uses the following rules to find the latitude...
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Text Field Auto-Sizing

One of the user interface enhancements in upcoming R10o release is the auto-sizing of text fields based on contents. Text fields have been of fixed sizing - 6 row space regardless of its contents. This feature improves user productivity by expanding text or shrink text fields to fit the contents. So, users will have less sc...
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Read-Only Module Setup

One of the features in the upcoming R10o release is the convenient setup of read-only modules. Here is the business case: ​Some maintenance staff can perform work orders and service requests. They are granted read and edit rights for work orders and service requests. However, they only have read-only access to other modules including asset, prevent...
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Work Order Invoicing

​ Work order invoicing has been added in Calem Enterprise R10n. It is used to bill customers for work orders completed. The function is available in AjxWeb. The invoicing processes are: Execute a work order for a customer Review invoice and make changes if necessary Approve invoice. Workflow emails are sent out to notify that invoices are...
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Getting Ready for PHP 7

​Calem Enterprise R10n runs with PHP 7. This is an exciting feature because PHP 7 has many unique advantages over PHP 5 (5.3.x to 5.6.x). We have observed about 30% performance gains in the Calem build process that uses PHP to package releases. Here is our plan for going forward with PHP 7. Calem Cloud Services will be upgraded to PHP 7 i...
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Organizing Meters for Quick Entries

One of the exciting features in Calem Enterprise R10n, available on June 5, 2017, is the intuitive screen for maintenance staff or operators to enter meter readings quickly.  Meter Set The first step is to organize meters into meter sets. Each set of meters includes meters whose readings are to be taken regularly. ​Menu pat...
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Two KPIs for Preventive Maintenance

Key performance indicators (KPI) help maintenance professionals analyze their operational efficiency. I am going to review two of the KPIs related to preventive maintenance.  PM Compliance The first KPI is the PM Compliance. This KPI presents the data points at daily and monthly level based on targeting completion dates. ​The counts of PM...
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Field Inline Editing

This feature improves the efficiency of field editing. It will be available in the upcoming R10n release. Field inline editing allows one to quickly start editing a field from read views. This is done by showing an edit icon in a field when a mouse focus is over that field. The edit icon launches the edit screen, and moves focus to the fi...
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Skill License Expiration Management

Skill license expiration management is required in maintenance organizations. For instance, forklift driver licenses expire every three years or so. Drivers must be trained and have valid licenses to comply with regulatory requirements.  The configuration management database (CMDB) function in Calem is powerful and flexible in managing both as...
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Expressions in Free Text Search

One of the cool features in Calem Enterprise is the free text search in any list or lookup view. Just enter a phrase you are looking for, Calem searches both text and lookup fields to for records matching your input phrase. The list or lookup views are updated instantly based on your input. In this blog we will explore the advanced expressions supp...
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Meter Reading Calendar

​ Meter reading calendar view can be launched from dashboard module. It allows one to view multiple asset meters in one excel calendar view and identify alarms easily. The calendar view provides the following features: A calendar can includes up to five assets All meters of the selected assets are shown in calendar view by three time slots: Night r...
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Open Work Order Board

​One of the coolest features introduced in Calem Enterprise R10l of March 2017 is the Open Work Order Board. The board originated from our experience working with customers. We often get questions about work order assignment. For example: ​How do I find all work orders assigned to my team? How to find out current work order assignment in ...
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