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A Revisit of Inventory Valuation

There are changes in inventory valuation in the coming release of Calem R2021. The new process allows you to report inventory valuation by the following menu items:

  • 1. Get the current inventory valuation:
    • Menu path: Inventory | Report | Site Inventory Valuation by Avg Price
  • 2. Get a valuation report at a previous date:
    • Menu path: Inventory | Report | Transactions/Valuation | Report by Valuation
    • The current valuation from 1 (above) is used as a reference value to start with.
    • You may select an existing reference valuation.
    • The valuation at a previous time is calculated based on the reference value and inventory transactions happened between the previous time and the time of the reference value.

1. Current Inventory Value

Current inventory value is shown from the report:  Inventory | Report | Site Inventory Valuation by Avg Price. If you want to export the data, filter the list to remove items without stock.

  • Click the search icon in the list view to filter data
  • Click "+" to create a new filter; or click a row of an existing private (My Search) or public (Shared Search) filter.
  • Set the "Qty in Stock" to greater than 0 and apply the search
  • Export the resulting list to Excel for record, or further analysis.

 2. Inventory Value of A Previous Date

Previous inventory value can be reported from the menu path: Inventory | Report | Transactions/Valuation | Select "Inventory Valuation" from the dropdown.

  • Specify the ending date of the valuation report. Use current date to get the current inventory valuation.
  • Optionally pick a reference value to use. A reference value of current value will be created by Calem if not specified and the "Valuation Date" is in the past. For instance, "V-15" is the reference of current inventory value created by Calem when you report inventory valuation for 12/31/20.
  • You may also add reference values from other sources by the "Valuation Reference" menu.
  • Optionally specify a site to report the valuation. Otherwise, the sites accessible to the current login user will be included.

2.1  Value Change from Transactions

The transactions contributing to the valuation change can be reported based on the date of valuation. For instance, the valuation is for 12/31/20. The transactions from 1/1/21 to current time are the ones contributing to the valuation change.

  • Menu path: Inventory | Report | Transaction/Valuation | Select "Transactions". Then select the start date to 1/1/21.

2.2  Valuation of 2015 or Earlier

Certain transactions prior to 2015 do not have all the information to calculate valuation changes (such as inventory purchase receive adjustment). Calem has developed a process to populate transactions prior to 2015 with necessary value information. Contact Calem Support Team if you are interested in getting the valuation prior to 2015.

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