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Asset Description in Work Order Lists

Asset description is not available in operational work order lists (Work Order | Open | WO Lists) for efficiency. In the coming release of R2022e asset description is available in work order report lists (Work Order | Report | WO Lists). For instance, the screenshot below shows asset description in "All WO (Time Requested)" report.

  • Asset description is not shown out of the box.
  • It can be shown through customization.

It's possible to enable Asset description in operational work order lists (Work Order | Open | WO Lists). It is done through client configuration changes. For instance, the following line enables asset description in "All WO" list (Work Order | Open | All WO). There are factors to consider when enabling asset description in an operational list.

  • The form opening may take longer.
  • The saved filters are not available.

//Enable Asset Description in All WO list (WO | Open | All WO)
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