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Enhancements to Inventory Module in R20c

​Enhancements have been made in the inventory module for the coming release of R20c based on customer feedback. They enable better productivity for end-users.

1. History of Bins in Receiving Parts

When receiving parts to stock Calem will display current bin used for the receiving item if there is stock. Otherwise, one has to use "Pick Other" to select a bin to use.

The enhancement enables the following process:

  • If there is no stock for the receiving item, Calem will go ahead looking up the history of bins and present a list for user to select with knowledge of the receiving history. 

2. Last PO for Site Inventory

The last PO issued for site inventory is placed in the site inventory list so one can easily spot the most recent PO for an item. 

3. Store in Physical Count

Physical count transaction (Inventory | Transactions | Physical Count) requires selecting a site, then picking a store. It makes sense to just select a store and have Calem fill out the site. It saves a few clicks in looking up the stores. 

  • When a user selects a store, its site is filled out by Calem.

4. Requisition Reason

A requisition reason has been added to requisition. A user can set a requisition reason and have it shown in REQ lines and PO lines.

  • REQ reason is a short text note
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