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How are Hours Populated in Work Order Scheduling

​The hours prefilled when scheduling a user to a work order have been refined in release R21a (May 2021).

  • The scheduling of a user to a work order can be done in the following ways:
    • Schedule | Weekly Schedule - dragging a work order to weekly calendar (see this blog)
    • Work Order Planning Tab: "More" dropdown - Assign to others or Assign to me
    • Work Order schedule list (Work Order screen | Planning Tab | Scheduled Labor list | Create a scheduling entry)
  • ​The "Hours" field is populated by Calem based on the following processes:
    • Planned hours are defined in PM Plan for a work order
    • Scheduled hours are assigned hours in a work order
    • Actual hours are hours reported in a work order
    • The "Hours" equals to "Planned hours" -  (the greater of "Scheduled hours" or "Actual hours")
    • For instance, the "Planned hours" of a PM work order is 4 hours, Jack is scheduled for 2 hours. Assigning John to the work order, "Hours" field is populated by "2" hour.
    • If there are no planned hours, nor scheduled/actual hours, a default hour (1 hour) is filled.
    • The hours populated are less than the maximum of hours to schedule for a day (a default maximum hours of 8 hours).
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