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How to Set up Vendor Defaults for Purchase Orders (POs)

The following default values can be configured in vendors from Calem release R21a (May 2021):

  • Menu Path: Purchase | Open | Vendor Lists
  • Vendor Tax can be refined at: Purchase | Open | Tax Code list | Tax Code Form | Vendor Tab
  • Custom fields can be added at vendors to provide additional default values
    • The same custom fields may be defined in purchase orders.
    • Matching custom fields are copied from vendors to purchase orders.
    • For instance, a company tracking vendor NDA info (NDA flag and NDA date) can add the NDA custom fields at vendors and purchase orders; update the NDA info at vendors; and use them in purchase orders.
  • ​Vendor defaults can be best used when creating purchase orders from requisition:
    • Create PO from an approved requisition - vendor defaults will be populated.
    • Check "Create PO" when approving a requisition - vendor defaults will be populated.
    • If you manually create a PO and fill in a vendor, the vendor defaults will be populated when you save the PO.
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