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Tips in Adding Short Videos to a Work Order

 In the coming release of Calem R2022b short videos can be added to work orders in Calem Mobile.

  • Calem Mobile needs to be upgraded from App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
    • Search "CalemEAM" if you are installing Calem Mobile the first time.
    • See this blog for more info.
  • This feature is available in Calem Mobile for iOS or Android devices.
    • Web users can attach videos as attachments just like other documents.
  • A short video will be recorded in the device first to be uploaded to Calem. For instance, short videos are recorded before and after a work order is completed.
  • Go to work order module in Calem Mobile. Find the work order to attach videos. Go to the attachment list - see screenshot below.
  • Click "Add Video" to browse videos recorded previously.
  • A short video should be selected due to the upload limit configured for your service such as 15MB. For instance, a short video of 20 seconds can be uploaded. A video over a minute may fail to upload.
  • An error message will be shown if the upload failed. For instance, an error message with an error code of 3 is shown when a video exceeding the upload limit of your service.
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