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How to Customize Menu Bar in a Form

Calem allows an admin user to customize the menu bar of a form to implement flexible access control with an intuitive drag and drop interface. The first step is to select a group to customize. See this blog for more discussion of groups.

You can find out the group to customize by looking at the Calem desktop of a login user - see screenshot below.

  • The login profile is IT-TAG-My-Site (#1).
  • The group of the profile is IT-Tag test (#2).
  • The asset form menu (#3) does not have "Change Asset Item" menu in this blog.
  • We will demonstrate the addition of "Change Asset Item" to users of the "IT-Tag test" group.

1. Admin User

The customization for a group is done by an Admin user who have access to the "Admin" module. This user can customize a group and add menu items to the asset form. 

  • An admin user logs into Calem
  • Click "Admin" module to display group list.
  • Check the group "IT-Tag test"
  • Click "Group Design" to launch Calem into group design mode

2. Customize Asset Form

The Calem in the group design mode can be navigated just like a normal Calem. 

  • Go to the asset form (Asset | Asset list | Click an asset to launch the asset form)
  • Click "Customize" to customize the asset form
  • Both the form fields/labels and menu can be customized.
  • We will focus on the menu customization in this blog.

 3. Add/Remove Menu in Asset Form

Menu can be added or removed in the asset form.

  • Drag the "Change Asset Item" from left panel and drop to the asset form's menu bar (#1). The menu is added to asset form. Dropping the menu after the "More" menu will make the added menu to show in the "More" dropdown.
  • Drag a menu from the asset form and drop it to the "Form Design" node in the left panel (#2). The menu is removed from asset form.
  • You may add/remove menu, or move the menu around by drag a menu and drop to another menu in the asset form menu bar.
  • Click Save (#3) in the screenshot below to save the customization.

4. Verify the Menu Addition

The added menu "Change Asset Item" should be available for a user with a profile of "IT-TAG test" group.

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