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How to Manage Asset Deployment in Calem

In the coming release of Calem Enterprise R2019b inventory checkout transactions have been extended to include checkout to a location or a project directly. Prior to R2019b checking to a location is done by checking out to a work order. The process to deploy an asset is:

  • Receive an asset to inventory from a vendor
    • Menu path: Inventory module | Transactions | Receive to Storerooms
  • Create a work order with a location where asset is to be deployed
    • Menu path: Work Order module | Create a WO
  • Check out the asset to the work order. The asset is deployed to the location of the work order or another location of choice.
    • Menu path: Inventory module | Transactions | Checkout

This process can be simplified through the use of checkout to location directly. You may continue to use work orders to track asset deployment if needed.

  • ​Receive an asset to inventory from a vendor. 
  • Check out the asset to a location to complete the deployment. 
    • In the screenshot below, look up a location to deploy the asset to.
    • In the next screen select the asset to deploy
    • The deployment will be performed by Calem

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