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How to Manage Duplicate Service Requests in Calem

A feature has been added in release R20a to manage duplicate service requests. It allows one to group service requests that are of the same failure cause.

1. Flag "Status to Child" 

A new field "Status to Child" is added to a service request (SR). Set the flag to checked for the SR that is the primary SR. 

  • Duplicate SRs will be added to this SR as child SRs.
  • When the status of this SR is completed, all child SRs are changed to completed status.

2. Child SR Tab

Duplicate SRs can be added to an existing SR as child SRs.

  • Go to an SR set its flag "Status to Child" to make an SR a primary and can have duplicate child SRs.
  • Go to Child SR tab and add child SRs as duplicates.

3. Hide/Show Duplicate SR

Use "Show Duplicate"/"Hide Duplicate" in an SR list view to work with duplicate SRs

  • The menu item is toggled between "Show Duplicate" and "Hide Duplicate".

4. SR/WO Lookup 

SR/WO lookup forms are available for one to search related SR/WO:

  • Menu path: SR | Open | Open SR/WO Lookup
    • Search open SR's and their work orders
  • Menu path: SR | Open | All SR/WO Lookup
    • All SRs and their work orders
  • An SR and its work order are listed
  • A duplicate SR will show its parent SR's work order
  • SRs without work orders are not shown in the lists.
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