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How to Mandate Signatures for Work Order Checklists

Signatures may be mandated when completing work order checklists in the coming release of R2023f.

  • A safety or step may mandate a signature to complete by checking "Signature Reqd?" checkbox.
  • Calem Mobile must be used to complete a safety or step when signatures are required.

1. Mandate Signatures in PM Safety/Steps

Signatures may be mandated in PM safety and steps so they are carried over to work orders (when PMs are generated into work orders).

 2. Mandate Signatures in Boilerplates

If boilerplate PM Plans are used for safety or steps, mandating signatures in boilerplates is efficient in managing signature requirements.

  • Boilerplate PM Plans are defined in EAM company form.

 3. Mandate Signatures by System Configuration

It is possible to mandate signatures for every safety or step through system configuration. This option may be evaluated per business requirements. Add the following configuration to calem.custom.php to mandate signature for every safety or step.

//Mandate signature when completing a safety
$_CALEM_dist['wo_conf']['sig_reqd_safety']= true;
//Mandate signature when completing a step
$_CALEM_dist['wo_conf']['sig_reqd_step']= true;
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