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Enhancement to Work Order KPIs by Specialty

The WO KPI by specialty is enhanced with category set filtering in the coming release of R2023f (December 2023). It allows one to show the WO KPI by specialty for corrective work orders.

  • The WO KPIs by specialty are calculated for year and month.
  • Click "Categories" to select a WO category set to show the count by specialty. For instance, select "Corrective" category set (which includes corrective categories) to view the KPIs for corrective work orders.
  • Click "List" view in a KPI chart to switch to list view.
  • Click a list row to drill down to work orders.

 1. Work Order Category Set

Work order category set can be defined in Admin Module. The category sets can be used in the Dashboard Module for KPI filtering.

  • Menu: Admin | Data Design | WO Category Sets
  • Each category set can include one or more work order categories.
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