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How to Receive All Items in PO

A new feature is available in R2019d for one to receive all PO lines. This feature is handy for one to receive POs with many items. 

Launch the PO receive from Inventory | Transactions | Receive to Storerooms, or from a PO screen.

  • Set "Receive All" checked.
  • Set a storeroom to receive all the items. All storerooms accessible to the login user can be selected to receive the PO items.
  • Click "Save" to start receiving

You may receive all items directly to a work order, or a cost center without receiving to a storeroom.

  • Set "Checkout" checked
  • Choose checkout to work order or cost center. Then, pick a work order or cost center to receive all items.

There are some restrictions when receiving all items:

  • Asset items cannot be received since one needs to set a barcode tag and a serial number for an asset.
  • Storerooms without bin locations cannot be used for receiving all items. One needs to have at least one bin location to do it.

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