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How to Receive Services in Calem

​Services are provided by vendors. For instance, the installation of a new HVAC system is a service. Services can be received like parts in the coming release of R2019d and issued to work orders. This blog walks through steps to receive and charge services in Calem.

Step 1. Service Item

The first step is to create a service item with lot-priced. The category "Service" represents a service item. The "Lot-Priced" flag indicates that a service item is charged by its receiving price. 

 Step 2. Create Requisition and PO

Create a requisition and add a service item. 

Have the requisition approved and turned into a PO. 

Step 3. Receive and Charge the Service 

Have the PO approved and service performed. Receive the service and charge to work orders.

  • Option 1. Launch the receive process from PO (screenshot below)
  • Optoin 2. Receive the service from Inventory | Transactions | Receive to Storerooms

​Receive and charge to a work order.

​A bin selection screen is prompted. Pick a bin to complete the transaction.

 That is all to use services in Calem. In addition to service items other items include: a) Part; b) Tool; c) Off-Site Repair; and d) Other. See Inventory Training below to learn more about the inventory module in Calem.

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