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How to Set up Linear Asset in Calem

Linear Asset function is available in the coming release R2019e.  

Linear assets are different from point assets. A linear asset has a significant length and its attributes may vary along the track of the length. Sample linear assets include roads, pipelines, or powerlines. Asset performance and maintenance activities need to identify the segments or points of linear assets.

For instance, FM 620 is a road of 27.1 miles in Austin, TX. Maintenance activities may be scheduled for different portions or points of the road. Linear assets in Calem addresses the needs of such assets in maintenance management.

Setting up a linear asset involves defining data elements including attributes, elements, segments and relations.

1. Attributes

A linear asset may have varying attributes along its track such as speed limit for roads, pressure for pipelines, etc. Linear attributes are defined as a category attributes (Admin | Data Design | Category Attributes) and assigned to a linear asset.

For instance, FM 620 includes local high way with speed limit of 45 MPH and free way with speed limit of 70 MPH when overlapping with 45.

  • 45 MPH for the local road in blue (Miles: 0 to 18.4)
  • 70 MPH for the express lanes in green (Miles: 18.5 to 29.8).

2. Elements

An element is a piece of item along a linear asset and is used for reference or other purposes. For instance, mile poles and signs are elements of roads. Element types are defined in Asset | Codes | Elements. An element is not an asset. If an element needs own PM or work orders, an asset should be created instead.

Mile poles MP1, MP2, etc. are examples of elements along FM 620.

3. Relations

A linear asset may relate to another linear or point asset. Asset relationship may be used to indicate the relationship. Asset relationship type can be defined at Asset | Codes | Relation Type.

For instance, the intersection of FM 620 and 183 is defined as a relationship of "Intersection" between linear asset FM 620 and 183 at 18.5 miles.

4. Segments 

A linear asset may be divided into segments by function or other criteria. For instance, FM 620 has segments of S01 of local highway from 0 to 18.4 miles, and S02 for 45 from 18.5 to 29.8 miles.

  • Segments can be configured for a linear asset at its "Linear" tab.
  • Attributes, elements, and relationships can be configured for segments for linear assets.

5. Linear Asset in Work Orders

Linear asset information can be specified in work orders to identify accurately where work should be performed. The information can also be defined in PM, Change and Service Request objects.

6. Reports of Linear Segments and Elements

Linear asset data is listed in a report screen:

  • Menu path: Asset | Report | Linear Segments/Elements
  • There are four tabs in the report screen:
    • Segments, Elements, Attributes and Relations
    • Each list view can be searched and exported.
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