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How to Use Authorization for Expenditure (AFE)

Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) is added in the project module in release R2023 available in February 2023. The process of AFE is outside of Calem. AFEs including approved totals are stored in Calem for tracking cost in purchase orders (PO).

1. AFE

An AFE is identified by an AFE number (AFE #). It is referenced in projects, requisitions and purchase orders.

  • Menu path: Project | Codes | Authorization for Expenditure (AFE)
  • An AFE can also be created from its lookup screen.

2. AFE in Project

An AFE and its expenditure can be tracked in a project by the following steps.

  • Set an AFE in a project.
  • Enter the total amount approved for the AFE
  • The total spend in POs are calculated and maintained by Calem. Approved POs are included in calculating committed spend.
  • "Refresh Cost" menu is available in the project screen to synchronize the cost of work orders, requisition and purchase orders.

 2.1 Project Read Form

The read form added the section "AFE COST" section.

 2.2 Project Edit Form

The project edit form added the AFE # for data entry.

 2.3 Project New Form

The new form for project is not changed. One can use edit form to set AFE and its total amount.

3. AFE in PO

An AFE is assigned to a PO through a project. 

  • Set a project in PO
  • The AFE is populated in PO if applicable by Calem.
  • PO Read form is modified to display AFE #.
  • PO Edit form is modified to allow editing Project (AFE # is not editable. It is updated when Project is changed).

4. AFE in REQ

An AFE is assigned to a REQ through a project.

  • Set a project in a requisition
  • The AFE is populated if applicable by Calem.
  • The project and AFE in a REQ are carried over the PO created from a REQ.
  • REQ Read form is modified to display AFE #.
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