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Scrollbars and Mouse Wheeling

Enhancements are available for cleaner scrollbars and better mouse wheel responses in the coming release of Calem R2024a. 

1. Redundant Scrollbars

For instance, The Home screen shows un-necessary scrollbars.

  • The list headers can be scrolled to be invisible (A).
  • There may be two scrollbars for a data list (B).
  • The extra scrollbars above will be eliminated in R2024a. 

2. Mouse Wheeling

Mouse wheeling may be used to scroll a data list. A longer interval was configured in R2024 to monitor mouse wheeling which leads to sluggish list scrolling. The interval has been tuned for instant data list scrolling by mouse wheeling. This fix is really useful when working with a large data list such as work orders below.

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