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Mandatory Due Date at REQ Approval

A mandatory new due date is required when approving a requisition in R21a. The purpose is for an approver to set a due date for a requisition to be approved.

  • A checkbox "Use current" (1) is provided for one to use current due date if any. When the box is checked, current due date (3) will be copied to the new due date (2).
  • Alternatively, the approver may set a new due date by the date lookup button (2).

‚ÄčIf this feature is not needed, admin can customize the approval screen (see this blog for customization for a group) and remove the checkbox (1), and new and current due dates (2 and 3). The screen below shows the REQ approval screen without the due date fields. An approver can just approve a REQ without the need to set a due date.

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