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How to Return Parts to a Bin in Storeroom

​The return transaction in the Inventory module is used to re-stock parts checked out previously. A part may be checked out for consumption in a work order, or for repair. A new bin location may be selected when returning a spare part.

  • Menu path: Inventory module | Transactions | Return to Storeroom
  • Select an inventory item by lookup, or manual entry to return, click "Save" to continue.

1. Checkout Transaction to Return

Select a checkout transaction to return. Click "Repair (Checkout)" to return a part repaired.

2. Checkout Bin

The default is to return the part to the bin where part was stored before checkout. The checkout bin is filled once a checkout transaction is selected.

3. Select a Bin to Return

To return the part to another bin, click the lookup button of the "Return Bin". Calem launches the bin process flow to help you pick a bin to return:

  • The current bins of stock for this part is shown. Pick a current bin to return the part.
  • Click "Pick Other" to look at the bins the part was stored historically.
  • In the historical bin lookup form, click "Pick Other" to view all the bins for the site inventory to pick one.
  • The Bin process flow is also automated by Calem:
    • If there is no current stock for the part, the history bin lookup is shown.
    • If there is no history bin for the part, the lookup screen of all bins for the inventory site is shown.
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