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Tips in Printing Barcode Labels from a Phone/Tablet

Inventory and stock labels can be printed right from an iPhone/iPad or an Android Phone/Tablet in Calem release R2022. The barcode labels are printed from the Site Inventory screen below.

  • Tap "Inventory Label" to print the inventory barcode label.
  • Tap "Stock Label" to print the stock barcode label.
  • Available printers are shown via Apple Air Print for iOS, or Google Print for Android. 
    • A barcode label printer may be used to print a label to attach to a part
    • Barcode labels are customizable from Calem Web Client. 
  • Select a printer to print barcode labels
  • Once the page is sent to the printer, the label page is shown in the browser of your device.
  • Close the browser showing the barcode label, and go back to the Calem Mobile to continue. 
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