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How to Enforce Inspection before PO Receiving

Part inspection prior to receiving a PO is a process introduced in release R2022. The process allows one to enforce inspection before receiving a PO. For organizations that render payment when parts are received to inventory, this process adds a level of payment control.

1. Inspection Flag

Inspection flag indicating the requirement of inspection for an item. It can be set in items.

  • The flag will be copied to requisition and PO when an item is added there.
  • When receiving a PO items requiring inspection must be inspected before being received.

2. Inspection Flag on PO

The inspection flag can be managed from PO for flexibility.

  • Menu path: PO | More | Set Inspection Flag
  • The PO lines of the PO can be configured.
  • Click a PO line to change.
  • Check/uncheck the inspection flag and save the change.

3. Inspection Result on PO

The inspection result can be managed from PO for items checked for inspection.

  • Menu path: PO | More | Set Inspection Result
  • The PO lines of the PO with inspection checked are displayed.
  • Click a PO line to change.
  • Set quantity passed inspection, and save.

4. Attach Document

Inspection document can be added to the PO.

  • Menu path: PO | More | Attach Document
  • Alternatively, go to "Document" Tab of PO form, and attach a document.

 5. Receive Transaction

When receiving a PO the items with the inspection flag checked must have quantity passed set before being received.

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