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When to Use Group Tree in Customization

Group tree has been added in R02e (October 2020). A group represents a role, a group of users, or a persona in Calem. You should use the group tree if there are many roles in your organization. The group tree shows the group hierarchy for you to visualize the the group structure.

  • Menu path: Admin | Group Tree
  • Right-click on a group node to view a group, perform group design, or add a child group.
  • A child group inherits customization from its parents unless overwritten by a customization in the child group.
  • "Desktop" is root of groups for the Ajax Web client. "Custom system" is where to customize screens for all users.
  • "Mobile" is the root of groups for the Calem Touch client. "Phone" is where to customize screens for all mobile users. "Tablet" can be used to customize screens for tablet users. "Touch" is used to customize screen for desktop users.
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