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A Note of Asset Lifespan Alerts

Asset lifespan alerts are available in the coming release of Calem R2023. Work orders may be created at lifespan points such as 80% and 100%. For instance, when an asset exceeds its lifespan (screenshot below), a high priority work order may be created to alert maintenance supervisors.

 1. Define Lifespan Alerts

The first step is to define lifespan alerts based on your business requirements.

  • Menu path: Admin | Data Design | Lifespan Alerts
  • Create a lifespan alert record
  • Define lifespan points and work order priority

 2. Assign Lifespan Alerts to Assets

Next, assign lifespan alerts to assets that need to have lifespan monitored.

  • Edit an asset
  • Set a lifespan to indicate years of lifespan
  • Assign a lifespan alert to use for monitoring the lifespan
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