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The Timeline View for Assets

 The timeline view of assets is available in the coming release of Calem R2023. It provides a quick overview of an asset. It is available for all themes: dark, mint, and classic (screenshots below). A timeline view includes the following components.

  • A headline of the tag number, priority, status and the short note.
  • % of lifespan based on the lifespan and start time of an asset.
  • % of maintenance cost over the purchase price of an asset.
  • A horizontal timeline of status changes of an asset.
  • Lists of details shown responsively. A detail list with less data takes less space.
  • A "Detail" tab of asset fields.
  • A DataView tab to switch to the Data View of the asset
  • The Timeline View may not show if your asset form is customized. See this blog to enable it.
A Note of Asset Lifespan Alerts
The Timeline View of Work Orders

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