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Why Adding the Classic Mint Theme

The Classic Mint theme is available in the coming release of R2023. The goal is to allow users who are familiar with the Classic theme to have the same experience with the Mint theme. Here are the key points for the Class Mint theme:

  • It has the advantage of the screen layout of the Classic them and the modern look of the Mint theme. 
  • It makes it easier for users to try out the Mint theme without losing the familiar navigation of the Classic theme.
  • The first screenshot below shows the Classic Mint theme.
    • The module lists toolbar is docked at the left
    • The module menu toolbar is docked at the top
    • This is exactly the layout of the Classic theme
  • The next screenshot shows the Classic theme.
    • The screen layout is preserved in the Classic Mint theme
  • One can switch directly from Classic to Classic Mint and vice versa (the third screenshot).
    • The Classic Mint theme is the Mint Theme with the Modules at the left
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