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Modules Docking at Top of the Desktop

With the introduction of module home screens in Calem R21e, planned for October 2021, the modules can be docked at the top of the desktop in the web client. 

  • The default menu for a module should be configured to the new home screen. 
  • The home screen is the default menu out of the box. 
  • A module may be customized with a different default menu.

1. Modules in the Left

Left-docking is the default setting for modules. It is the only option prior to release R21e.

  • The modules are docked to the left of the screen.
  • The top area shows the menu bar for a module of the current screen.

2. Settings for Modules at the Top

Modules can be docked in the top of the desktop through configuration in R21e.

  • A user may set the docking to top for own setting.
  • An ACL profile may set the docking to top which will overwrite all users of the profile.
  • A system configuration may enable the docking to top which will overwrite all users. See Admin Guide for more info.

3. Modules Ordering at the Top

Modules are shown horizontally when enabled at the top. Overflow modules are listed in the "More" dropdown.

  • Modules are not ordered by names when docked at the top.
  • When customizing module list for docking in the top, place modules often used at the top of the module tree.

4. Modules at the Top

 Each module is shown as a menu item in the top of the screen. 

  • Default menu is shown when a module is clicked.
  • The best practice is to set home screen for each module as the default menu.
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