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Cross-Site Receiving in Purchase Orders

In the coming release of R2023e a PO line can be received to sites other than its PO or REQ site. For instance, a REQ is created for a site, turned into a PO, and received to another site.

  • One can define the sites to receive a PO line by the following options
    • None – default. No cross-receiving.
    • All – to all sites accessible to the login user.
    • Selective – to selective sites.
  • These options are configured per site from menu: Organization | EAM Company | Site Tab, select a site to open.
  • Selective sites can be reported at: Organization | Report | Cross-Receiving Site

Additionally, one can receive all PO lines in one go. A site accessible to the login user can be selected to receive the PO. See resources below for more info.

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