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Enhancements to Part Repair Processes

This blog covers enhancements to part repair processes covered in a previous blog. This iteration of the enhancements makes the repair process easier to manage.

1. Create a Part Repair WO

There are two ways to create a part repair work order.

  • Menu: Inventory | Transactions | Create Repair WO (Checkout). A part is checked out from stock, and a repair WO is created.
    • The repair process includes a part checkout transaction and repair WO creation.
  • Menu: Inventory | Transactions | Create Repair WO (Checked out). A part has been checked out previously. A repair WO is created for it.
    • The process does not require one to return a part to inventory to have a repair WO created.

2. Return Parts Repaired

The return process includes both parts checked out, and parts repaired internally. A dropdown is introduced for one to pick what return process to use.

  • Menu: Inventory | Transactions | Return to Storeroom
  • For parts checked out, select "Checkout" dropdown, and enter a part number to return.
  • For parts repaired, select "Repaired" dropdown, enter its repair work order number to return.

 3. Part Repair WO

A new list form is available from release R2022a to show all work orders for part repair.

  • Menu: Work Order | Open | Part Repair WO
  • One can search the list by item number, Offsite Status, and other fields.
  • The offsite status indicates the state of the part repair. One can search for a combination of the dropdown values:
    • None - Internal repair
    • Requisition - the part is for offsite repair and a REQ has been created for it.
    • Sent - the part has been sent to a vendor for repair
    • Received - the repair is done (internal or offsite) and returned to storeroom
    • Retained - this is for offsite repair, the part is replaced and the original part is retained by vendor.

4. Rollback a Part Repair WO

In case a part repair WO is created by mistake, one can revert the process by canceling its repair WO.

  • Edit a work order and change its status to "Canceled". 
  • The part stays checked out. One may return the part as a normal checkout, or create a repair WO from its checkout transaction later on.
  • The cancellation may not be allowed as follows:
    • The part is on a REQ. The REQ needs to be canceled in order to cancel the repair WO.
    • The part is sent to a vendor.
    • The part is received to a storeroom.
    • The part is retained by a vendor.
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