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How to Manage Maintenance Budgets in Calem

The KPIs of maintenance budgets have been added in Calem R2022a in March, 2022. A maintenance budget includes parts and services used in maintenance operations. The maintenance KPIs are shown as line charts of actual and budgeted cost.

  • Menu: Dashboard | Inventory Tab | Actual/Budgeted
  • The line in purple shows the monthly budgets
  • The line in green shows the monthly expenses
  • The "Year" menu allows one to change the year of the KPIs
  • The "Options" can be configured to count only operational storerooms. For instance, the disposable storerooms may not be included in counting expenses.
  • The "List" view shows data list and allows the drilldown.
    • The list view shows breakdown of actual cost into part and service totals per month
    • Click on a row of month in the list view to drilldown to checkout transactions of parts and services.

There are data setup steps required for the budget KPIs to work. 

1. Storeroom Category Set

If you manage parts to be disposed in Calem, a storeroom of disposable is used to hold the them. The transactions of disposable storerooms may not be included in budget calculation. The following steps set up a storeroom category set to exclude disposable storerooms. 

  • Define a storeroom category set at menu "Admin | Data Design | Storeroom Category Set"
  • Add category values to the category set. Do not include "Disposable" category. 
  • Set a default category set to use for inventory dashboard at Organization | EAM Company.
  • The default category set is applied to charts with "Options" menu in the Dashboard | Inventory.
  • For instance, a category set of "OPS" is defined for storerooms excluding "Disposable".

2. Define Site Budgets

Maintenance budgets can be defined per month.

  • Menu: Organization | Open | Site Budgets
  • Monthly budgets of parts and services can be defined per month for a year for a site.

 3. Multi-Site Budget Drilldown

The budget KPIs in the Inventory Tab of Dashboard include all sites accessible for the login user. Use "Multi-Site" menu to visualize the actual vs budgeted for multiple sites.

  • For instance, the budget charts are shown for four sites below each for a site. You may compare them side by side.
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