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How to Visualize Item Consumption Monthly

Monthly consumption for an individual item can be visualized in release R2022a of March 2022. It is based on the inventory KPI charts.

  • Menu: Dashboard | Inventory Tab | Checkout Bar Chart
  • Click Dashboard (1) to view Dashboard module
  • Click "Inventory" Tab for inventory KPIs
  • Click "Options" (2) in the chart above to set an individual item to show in the charts. In the options screen:
    • Enter an item to visualize monthly consumption
    • Optionally, enter a storeroom category set to exclude storerooms from the KPI calculation. See the Budget Blog for a discussion of storeroom category sets.
    • Click "Save" to commit the changes and refresh inventory KPIs.
    • The caption of the chart is "2022|OPS|01-01-0006" indicating the KPI is calculated for year "2022", storeroom category set "OPS", and item "01-01-0006".
  • Click Multi-Site menu icon annotated above to visualize monthly consumption of the item in sites side by side if there are more than one site in your Calem service.
    • The caption of a site chart (3) is "MySite|2022|OPS|01-01-0006" which shows the site "MySite", year "2022", category set "OPS" and item "01-01-0006".
    • The chart menu "..." (4) can be used to print or export the chart.
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