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Tips on Inventory Transaction Time

​Inventory transaction time is hidden in the transaction screen in Calem Release R21f. It simplifies the transaction forms and allows the server to set a transaction time to be the current time when a transaction is performed in the server. For instance, the checkout form does not have transaction time field.

For customers who need to set transaction time to a time other than today, the transaction time can be added back. 

  • Select "Custom System" group to do "Group Design" from Admin | Group List
  • Go to a transaction form, customize it. 
  • Add a new row to the bottom of the page by dragging a row icon from the left to the right panel
  • A new blank row is added for holding the transaction time label and field. 
  • Drag the icon of the blank row and drop it at the row icon of the last row to swap the two rows
  • The transaction time will show as the last row of the page
  • Drag and drop the field label and field of Transaction time to the blank cells in the last row. 
  • Then, save the customization to commit the screen changes.
  • The transaction time is populated by current time by Calem when the transaction form is open.
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