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When to use Asset Item in Calem

An asset item represents a group of identical assets. It can be the manufacturer catalog number or part number for an equipment. In cases the catalog or part numbers are not available one may define it by the make and model of an equipment. The advantages of asset item include:

  • The asset item number allows one to manage an asset as inventory.
  • Asset spare parts can be managed by asset items.
  • Asset manuals and drawings can be managed by asset items.

The asset item is a mandatory field in Calem out of the box. In the coming release of Calem R2019c, the asset item can be made optional. This is done for the following reasons:

  • An asset is mostly not managed in inventory. 
    • It is less work not to manage asset items and its upkeep.
  • Class hierarchy (Organization | Codes | Class Tree) may be a better fit.
    • Asset class (previously asset category and subcategory) can be used to manage asset grouping and reports.
  • There is no need to manage spares and shared docs by asset items.
    • Spare parts by asset may be used.

Spare parts by asset is added in R2019c in case asset items are made optional.
  • Menu path: Asset | Asset List | Asset form | Part Tab| Part by Asset list

The option to not to implement asset items at the get-go can be changed later. Asset items can be added later in the implementation. Customers can contact Calem Support Team to turn off the mandatory requirement of asset item in assets. This is done by adding the following line to the client configuration (Calem_Home/client/conf/CmConf.custom.js).

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