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A KPI for Purchase Orders and Budgets

A new KPI for purchase orders (POs) and budgets is available in the coming release of R2024 in February 2024. It provides an insightful look into the total spending versus the budgets. 

  • Click "List" menu to drill down to items purchased.

 2. Multi-Site KPI

The dashboard supports site by site comparison.

  • Click "Multi-Site KPI" menu to drill down into sites.

 3. KPIs for POs

This KPI can be used with the other KPIs to get better insights of POs.

  • POs and receipts from vendors
  • Value and quantities received from vendors
  • Budgets and actual use in maintenance
  • Budgets and POs (this KPI)
A New Checkbox for Capital Expenditure in POs
WO Monthly KPIs for the Past 13 Months

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